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MeeMo simplifies and speeds up ordering at restaurants, coffee shops, taco joints... whatever fits.

Face Faster

That smile of yours and your smartphone speed up your order. Get the Menu within seconds of entering the establishment. 

Orders Remembered

You don’t have to go through the same steps as last time. MeeMo remembers your last couple of orders for you. 

One Platform

No downloading, installing and managing an app for every establishment. Just one familiar interface to get what you want fast.

"I'll take a medium mocha, hot, white, chocolate, skim milk, an extra shot of espresso and less whip" just got simpler.
Chris Peterson
MeeMo Co-Founder & CEO
For the Consumer

(AKA The hungry office mate or groggy account executive in need of a speedy caffeinated boost)

MeeMo makes your day superb.

Ready to get started?

MeeMo... It's Me Entering My Order

Are you a restaurant? Taco joint? coffee shop? Do you sell food quickly?